Custom Design West Coast Island Homes


Cliff house as toy

Check out this new photo. I edited using Tiltshift Generator, an iPhone app that gives the photo a toy camera effect. I like it!


Cliff house deck in place

The deck at Cliff house has been installed. The deck cantilevers sixteen feet out over the cliff, supported by steel beams.

By avoiding touching the ground with columns, and allowing rainfall through a permeable cedar deck surface, this design intrudes less on the cliff wildlife below.

The subfloor for the main floor has been laid down, giving a good sense of the platform created.

The next step is to place the steel moment frame. Then the wood frame walls will go up and what looks like a construction site now will quickly take on the shape of a house.

The view from the deck is quite spectacular and a little vertigo-inducing, although that will change once the cedar decking goes on.

A bald eagle was on the lookout today further down the cliff. A good omen, if you're Roman.